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My inspiration…

In 2016, my dear friend (and roommate) and I were asked to be in charge of a week-long camp for young women. Our camp theme was “distinct and different in happy ways” – a quote taken from a talk by Spencer W. Kimball in 1979 and then re-emphasized by Russell M. Nelson in 2015 .

Prior to the YW camp, I had made lots of animals for friends and their children – and had even experimented with making some of my own designs – but as I considered the meaning behind the theme, I couldn’t stop thinking about how significant it would be if I could somehow knit a different animal for each girl.

It seemed impossible because I didn’t have 25 patterns. But through a lot of divine help, inspiration, endless knitting, and miracles, somehow it worked out.

Our theme was meant to encourage the young women to see how their distinct attributes make them different from the rest of the world in happy ways, so I included a list of attributes that make the animals distinct and different and asked the young women to consider what attributes they would like to be known for. I also included a list of Christ-like attributes since our Savior is the greatest example to follow: faith, hope, charity and love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, obedience, and integrity.

Since that camp, I get lots of requests to make and sell the animals, but since it’s really just my hobby, the next best thing is to share the patterns. So I’ve been working to write up the patterns in a way that makes sense to knitters. I started sell them on Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting. Now I’m venturing into creating and managing my own website!

Wish me luck! 🙂

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